The Best Vinyl Backdrops In Sydney

The Best Vinyl Backdrops In Sydney 

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Enjoy our extensive range of vinyl backdrops for cool product photography.

Product photography requires creativity to find a perfect background to capture a great product shot. Therefore, having a collection of different backdrops on hand is the best thing. Vinyl backdrops Australia have a variety of backdrops that will compliment your product and create the best shots for your product photography. Our Vinyl product photography backdrops range from concrete backdrops to tile backdrops, marble backdrops, and solid backdrops to gradient backdrops. So photographers living in Sydney and nearby areas like Gosford, Surry hills, Marrickville, Cronulla, manly and mona vale should never miss these best vinyl photography backdrops.


Make your food photography stand out with our waterproof premium vinyl backdrops.

What makes delicious food more appealing? Perfect photographs!! But if you are a food photographer, you probably know how hard it is to capture quality food shots. The retakes and change of setup every time a stain of ketchup and gravy mess up the scene, and if you are using paper backdrops, then it’s going to be a lot harder. With our waterproof vinyl backdrops, a damp sponge can wash away all the mess and make it as clean as new and ready for your food photography. Isn’t it wonderful? Order our vinyl food photography backdrops as it is ready to be shipped to Rockdale, Hurstville, Richmond, Penrith, Blacktown, Chatswood, and Marrickville.



Create engaging visual content with our vinyl photography backdrops.

Being a content creator, it is necessary to produce content that attracts viewers and hooks them to your social media profile. But frequently using a plain background will surely give a bland and dull look. Whether you are doing iPhone photography or professional photography, you can upgrade your content creation with our vinyl photography backdrop. Our glare free vinyl backdrop adds a smooth and beautiful texture that will surely add colours to your social media content. So are you the Parramatta-based fashion blogger reviewing makeup products or an Instagram influencer from Liverpool? You should never miss out on vinyl photography backdrops for the best background. So, go and choose the best ones and make them delivered to Campbelltown Wollongong, Newcastle!


Here is why you should order our vinyl backdrops



Are you still using a paper background? It’s never too late to say goodbye to the non-recyclable paper background that gets wrinkled quickly and tears so easily. Instead, replace it with the premium vinyl photography backdrops printed on matt anti-reflective vinyl stock making them wrinkle-free. So give your photos a smooth and natural background.


Easy to clean

Our vinyl backdrops can be used again and again because they are recyclable. Get dirty or get coffee spilled or dusty from the previous shoot? Take a damp cloth and simply clean it. Imagine the amount of money you can save compared to seamless paper.


Our vinyl photography backdrops are very lightweight, making them suitable for travelling. Just roll them and take them anywhere! Moreover, you can get custom backdrops in any print and size by Vinyl Backdrops Australia.  


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