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Capture Your World In Style With Our Waterproof Vinyl Photography Backdrops

Need a great backdrop for your next photoshoot in Brisbane? Look no further than Vinyl Backdrops, the ultimate place for high-quality backdrops now delivered all over Brisbane and surrounding areas. We have a wide array of vinyl backgrounds to create the perfect setting to capture your subject. So whether you need a cool blue solid backdrop for food photography or a customised one for your big product photography project, with a selection of backdrops that includes textures, patterns, and colours, you'll be sure to find something that fits your style and project theme. Explore our collection today!



Durable & Wrinkle Free Vinyl Backdrops For Food Photography

What's the only thing better than a delicious meal? A delicious meal in some fantastic photos!  If you're a photographer in Fortitude Valley, a restaurant in central Brisbane or a food blogger in Cannon Hill, or simply someone who loves taking food photos, our brand-new range of vinyl backgrounds are sure to revolutionise your content creation game. No longer are you limited to your kitchen countertop! Now you can take photos with incredible hyper-realistic vinyl backdrops that will have people saying, "Wow!" You can even order one of these bad boys with your very own custom design from Vinyl Backdrops Australia.



Up Your Level of Flat Lay Photography With Our Australian Made Vinyl Backdrops.

If you're a photographer, you know it can be challenging to find the right backdrop for flat lay photography to shoot pictures that make the object look as good as in reality. But now, you can make it easier with our vinyl backdrops! Made with high-quality wrinkle free lightweight, flexible material, they're easy to store and use. The Vinyl Backdrops is Australia's largest supplier of high-quality photography backgrounds. So whether you're a professional product photographer or an enthusiast of iPhone photography with a keen eye for composition, we stock the best vinyl backdrops in Australia, including our various collections of tile backdrops, solid backdrops, gradient backdrops, concrete backdrops, marble backdrops and more.


Here's Why People Choose Us For Photography Backdrops


100 % Waterproof 

Use your imagination — and don't be afraid to get a little messy! Our waterproof vinyl backdrops are so easy to wash! We know how tricky it can be when taking creative shots, so you'll appreciate how easy these are to clean. You can use any liquid on these backdrops for your photoshoot, and they will wipe clean!



Incredibly Flexible

Want a timeless backdrop to give you a professional look every time? Our backdrops are the most flexible of their kind, so you can put them where you want them and when taken out, they are flat in seconds with no wrinkles or curled corners. This also makes it easy for you to adjust the backdrop to your desired angle during the shoot!


Custom Prints & Sizes

Our professionally colour corrected and printed backdrops are available in a range of prints and sizes. We can print anything on your backdrop too! So no matter what photography concept you're aiming for or how big or small your setup is, our beautifully crafted backdrops are certain to be the perfect fit. 

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