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Make Your Product Photography Sparkle with Our High-Quality Wrinkle Free Vinyl Backdrops

Are you still using the default plain wall in your photos? You need to change this right away! Photography Backdrops can completely transform a photo or video and provide a whole new experience for viewers. Vinyl Backdrops Australia brings a versatile collection of backdrops to create an impressive and professional setting that will enhance the look of your product photography, eliminating all those messy distractions. Whether you're an experienced product photographer in Canberra or a social media content creator in Wooden Valley, we have a wide array of vinyl backgrounds that will suit any style and make your photos really pop! Browse and order now from our selection of gradients, solids, tiles, marble & concrete vinyl backdrops



Easy To Use & Clean Vinyl Photography Backdrops for Food Photography

A good shot of your food can be the difference between a restaurant going viral or going out of business. When the stakes are high (and always are), you need to be prepared for anything. That includes making sure that even your delicious dishes end up looking good in photographs. Using our waterproof vinyl backdrop can save you from turning your kitchen into a photo studio or from getting cluttered every time you take food photos. Check out our collection of waterproof vinyl backdrops made from durable materials that can handle just about anything you throw at them! The backdrops are ready to be shipped anywhere in Queanbeyan, Kambah, Dickson Belconnen & the surrounding suburbs of Canberra. Shop Now!

Revamp Your Social Media Content with Our Chic Vinyl Photography Backdrops

The key to quality content is, of course, high-quality visuals. Even if you're a makeup guru reviewing makeup products for a big audience or a budding online jewellery store taking iPhone photography of your products, the same backgrounds and photography styles will eventually make every post seem boring to the viewer. Investing in our hyper-realistic vinyl backgrounds will take your content creation skills to the next level! Our glare-free vinyl backdrops add a touch of elegance to every photo, so you can create stunning content. Vinyl Backdrops Australia products are manufactured under the supervision of a highly professional team of graphic designers and print reproduction specialists to ensure quality! Order now and get your favourite ones delivered to Tuggeranong, Gungahlin, Molonglo Valley, or anywhere near Canberra!

Reasons To Choose Our Vinyl Backdrops For Food, Product, And Flat Lay Photography.


Flexible & Wrinkle Free

Our high-quality vinyl backdrops are the perfect tool for taking the most beautiful, unique photographs in your bedroom studio or on location. They are incredibly lightweight, portable & designed to be wrinkle-free, keeping your backgrounds smooth and soft for perfect pictures every time you shoot.


Multipurpose & Waterproof

Our 100% waterproof vinyl backdrops are extremely easy to clean! When you're taking any creative shots, these backdrops that can be easily wiped clean will make your life a breeze. They're also super durable, so whether you're taking product photos or shooting a cover for your next book or album, these backdrops will undoubtedly come in handy.


Unlimited Customisation

It's not enough that the concepts of your photography are "original." It has to be matched with a backdrop that perfectly matches its tone. And now, thanks to our custom printing options, you can create those perfect photographs! Let us help you achieve professionalism with our custom printed vinyl backdrops that are available in any size!

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